A little bit about me…

Many people who know me personally tend to say that I have an interesting life.

Coming from a hard-working, blue collar family, I spent my childhood helping out on a family farm, got TAFE educated as a chef and entered workforce at the age of 16. I truly believe in fair go and dignity of work.

Fastforward to 2020, and I’m a Chartered Accountant and a candidate in an upcoming council election! But enough with the boring career stuff.

I have some unusual hobbies – when I’m not being an accounting superhero solving complex problems, you’d find me firing a .22 at SSAA Springvale, on a SUP, or attempting to play a bagpipe to great annoyance of my family and neighbors ( I’m dead serious right now!)

I’m terrible but very persistent – I’ll master it one day!

I love reading and speak four languages – English, Russian, Turkish and French – pretty fluent with the first two. One of my recent iso hobbies has been online study – I’ve recently completed Foundations of Psychology and The Science of Well-Being at Yale.

Once we past the election period I’m hoping to commence my CTA ( Chartered Tax Adviser), a internationally respected mark of technical excellence and professional integrity.

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