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2020/2021 Budget unpacked

Roughly seven months after COVID-19 plunged the world into a pandemic and eventual recession, Josh Frydenberg has unveiled a budget that pushes Australia’s debt ceiling to $1.1 trillion, forecasts debt peaking at $213.7 billion (11.0% of GDP) this financial year, and pledges billions for tax cuts, infrastructure, manufacturing, wage subsidies, and other stimulus elements. The economic assumptions underlying the… Continue reading 2020/2021 Budget unpacked

COVID-19 Recovery: Economic Resilience in Local Government

Back in March 2020, Local governments should have revisited their short and long term financial planning – based on different scenarios for infection rates, resource implications and forecasted economic impact on rates and revenue based services.  7 months into the pandemic, councils should be pretty clear on their budget/financial obligations during the crisis and beyond. Main financial implications… Continue reading COVID-19 Recovery: Economic Resilience in Local Government