According to KPMG, communities and local businesses are increasingly looking to local councils for help – however, local governments typically do not have budgets for crisis management or sufficient reserves to meet the demand, creating additional financial pressures for years to come.

Additionally, councils are not not well-equipped from a technology and workforce mobility perspective – following the election, all councils will need to review their priorities, redesign their approach and resource allocation to determine how quality essential services can be delivered in a post covid environment and redirect resources into areas facing increased demand

Creating opportunities locally and considerations around longer term investment are now more important than ever. 

Key focus areas for all local governments in 2020 and beyond is likely to be in these areas: 

  1. Operational Resilience 
  2. Financial resilience
  3. Service delivery
  4. Customer and community engagement
  5. Technology continuity and mobility deployment
  6. Workforce
  7. Local economic support

In a lead up to election, I will cover each area in a separate post – ultimately, we have some serious recovery work ahead of us!